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Research Tools & Reports

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The Wyoming Campaign Finance Information System Research Tools & Reports button is used to open one of many pre-defined reports relating to Wyoming campaign finance information.




IMPORTANT: In order to view the pre-defined reports, you must have Acrobat Reader installed and you must allow popups from this website.


There are several pre-defined reports available: Rosters, Top 10s, Summaries, and Other Information.





The ability to generate a realtime PAC or Candidate Committee roster is provided here. Users may choose to generate a roster containing Active, Terminated or Both account types.



Top 10s

These pre-defined reports were based on common questions asked of the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office. When generating the Top 10 reports, the reports might show more than 10 results. This is due to more than one result having the same monetary value. In situations where the same value appears on multiple records, we have opted to provide all of those records rather than limit the content of the report.




As with the Top 10s, the Summaries are reported based on common questions asked of the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office.



Other Information

Currently, this section only provides one option: a link to a web page on the Wyoming Secretary of State's Election Division website. This page will be where the Agency posts reports filed with the Agency as per the 'Citizens United' legal action. (If a Corporation or Business places an ad for or against any candidate, they must report that expense as their Freedom of Speech right to speak out. Citizens United was to effectively protect corporate speech the same as individual speech.) If there are no reports listed, it is because none have been filed.





Each report presents the user with different options related to the report being generated. Many of the reports prompt you for the following minimum requirements:




The report section and report name provides you with a brief description of the contents of the report. For example, under Top 10s, there is a report called Contributors to Political Parties. When generated, the report will provide you with a list of the Top 10 Contributors to Political Parties for the Election Year Cycle for which the report is generated.