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Wyoming's Campaign Finance Information System

Wyoming's Campaign Finance Information System (WYCFIS) exists to provide a mechanism for online filing of campaign finance information and to provide full disclosure to the public. This website contains detailed financial records and related information that candidates, committees, organizations and parties are required by law to disclose.

Wyoming requires all statewide candidates, candidate committees, political action committees, organizations and political parties to file electronically online using this system. Reports for candidates running for federal office can be viewed at www.fec.gov.

You can search the system in several ways and review the results online, or print or extract them for further analysis.

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Research Tools & Reports
Search for contributions and expenditures which have been published or filed. Print PAC and Committee lists as well as other common reports.

Charts & Graphs

View how contributions and expenditures breakdown by various attributes. (e.g. Contribution Source, Purpose of Expenditure, etc.) View how contributions and expenditures breakdown within the State.

Upcoming Filing Deadlines:

12/31/20232024 - NON ELECTION YEAR (ODD YEAR)
8/13/20242024 - PRIMARY REPORT
10/29/20242024 - GENERAL REPORT



If you are required to file campaign finance disclosure reports with the State of Wyoming, you may create a new account by clicking below.

To use the "Upload Data" feature of WYCFIS, you will need to use the Excel template below. Instructions for use are also included in the download.

For instructions on exporting data from third-party campaign finance software to upload into WYCFIS, vendors can download the vendor toolkit below.

Unauthorized attempts to upload information and/or change information on this website are strictly prohibited. Violators may be punished by law.