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Have an Account?

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The right-hand column of the Wyoming Campaign Finance Information System (WYCFIS) Home Page is reserved for use by account holders.


The first section in the column is the Have an Account? section.




Registered users (those users who have created an account which has been approved by the Wyoming Secretary of State's Office) will enter their username and password to access the account holder functionality. See Need an Account? for information about obtaining an authorized account.



Forgot Username? Link


The Forgot Username? link is used by filers who have forgotten their account name and are requesting that it be emailed to them.





In order for the system to send the Forgot Username email, users must provide their Last Name, Email and City, State, and ZIP Code. Providing the First Name is recommended. Once complete, click on Submit. Upon submission, an email will be generate to the email address associated to the account demographics. The email will provide the forgotten username.



Forgot Password?


The Forgot Password? link is used by filers who have forgotten the password associated to their account and are requesting it be emailed to them.





If the user has forgotten the password used when the account was created or after first login, the user can have a temporary password sent to the email address associated to a valid, approved account. Users must provide all pieces of information on this screen. IMPORTANT: Answers to security questions are case sensitive.


Be sure to enter the security code shown on the screen and then click Submit. Assuming all account demographics have been entered correctly, an email will be sent to the address associated to the account providing a temporary password.