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Uploading Data into WYCFIS

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The right-hand column of the Wyoming Campaign Finance Information System (WYCFIS) Home Page is reserved for use by account holders.


The third section in the column is the Uploading Data into WYCFIS section.




The Download Excel File button launches the process by which the user can save a local copy of an Excel spreadsheet containing the requirements and processes to create a text file for uploading into WYCFIS.


IMPORTANT:  Many browsers automatically prevent the downloading of files; in most situations, an Information Bar will appear at the top of the web page. Right-click on that bar to allow the downloading of the file.




Save the spreadsheet to a location where the file can be easily found (the Desktop is usually a good place).




Once the file has been Saved, open the file using Excel. There are several different worksheets (tabs) contained within the Excel spreadsheet:




The Instructions worksheet (tab) is the most important tab as it contains many critical pieces of information.


IMPORTANT information:


The file utilizes macros, so users must enable macros in Excel;
Enter the data into the appropriate worksheets. When complete, return to the Instructions worksheet and create the required text files by selecting the Prepare Upload Files button towards the bottom of the worksheet.




The upload process cannot be used to create amendment transactions.
After each use, it is  recommended that users obtain a new Excel template from the website as many drop down items may be updated.