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The following instructions walks you through the details associated to creating a Wyoming Campaign Finance Information System Candidate account.


The Candidate Account Details screen opens with useful information on the process and a Click here to view ... link that can be used to access more details on the pertinent statutes.





You will also find filing deadline information on this introductory page. When you are finished reviewing the information on this page, click Continue.



Step 1. Office Sought

Enter the required information in the fields and drop-down lists.





NOTE: If you have a candidate committee which will be filing campaign finance reports on your behalf during the election year in which your account is being formed, AND that candidate committee has already been formed, you will want to check the box indicating that. Once you select the checkbox, a list of candidate committees will be provided from which you may select the committee which will be filing campaign finance information on your behalf.





If your candidate committee has not yet formed, you will be able to make this change to your candidate account details after your committee has been formed and approved by the Secretary of State's Office. You will make this change in the Account Details of your candidate account.



Step 2. Candidate Information

If listed, Select the radio button next to your name and click Next. If your name is not listed, just click Next.





Step 3. Personal Information

Enter your personal information on this screen and click Next.


IMPORTANT: Please be sure to enter your name as you would actually be signing your name on paper.





Step 4. Login Credentials

Create and enter your username, security questions and answers, and numeric key in the security code and then click Next.


IMPORTANT: The answers to the security questions are case sensitive.




If You Are Already a Registered User

If you are already registered, click the "Are you already registered? Click Here" link.





Enter your username and password in the fields of the pop-up screen. Click Validate.




If you are successfully validated, your username is automatically entered and the Security Questions and Answers fields are inactivated.


Enter the security code and click Next.





Step 5. Sign & Submit

Read and / or Print the Account Holders Terms and Condition. Then, read the oath and check the oath checkbox, enter your digital signature and click Finish.





NOTE: If, in Step 1, you indicated your candidate committee will be filing campaign finance reports on your behalf, you will need to read and acknowledge ad additional statement in the oath authorizing the committee to report on your behalf.




If the account is submitted successfully, the Submission Complete message is displayed.





Click Print Account Details for a printable copy of your submission.





Once approved by the Secretary of State's Office, a temporary password is created and sent to the candidate by email. The first time you login using your temporary password, the Password Reset screen opens requiring you to reset your password to one of your choice. If you are already registered and have a permanent password, the temporary password is not needed or issued by the system.